Research Projects

  • “ABC_DJ” project (Artist-to-Business-to-Business-to-Consumer Audio Branding System)
    • Work package leader, Cooperation with Audio Communication Group, TU Berlin,
    • The research contribution of the York Music Psychology Group (in cooperation with the TU Berlin) tests the correlations between musical contents and their acoustic parameters on one hand and brand attributes (such as emotions, values, and personality characteristics) on the other hand. Additionally, the moderating influence of the cultural contexts of the music listeners will be examined. Based on the research findings, formal methods and software tools will be developed that enable brands and branding agencies to identify brand-fitting music titles from large music archives in order to automatically create playlists that may be used for marketing and point of sale branding activities such as selection of in-store music.
  • Design, Development and Dissemination of New Musical Instruments (from 2013, Principle Investigator), Technische Universität Berlin
    • Abstract: The development of electronic sound synthesis has given birth to a vast  repertoire of new musical sounds and techniques, yet it has also allowed performers to become disconnected from the physical production of sound. In the post-1945 aesthetic focus on electronically organised musical sound, musical performance and sometimes even live performers were abandoned altogether. Although music for fixed media has established itself as a musical genre in its own right, live electronic performance has been rediscovered in contemporary music during the last decades. This new movement calls for novel musical instruments, which can embody, control, or trigger electronic sound processes. Despite the multitude of concepts and prototypes of such musical instruments, which could be labeled electroacoustic, hybrid, or digital, presented each year, none of them has permanently established itself in musical education and concert life. In the project, an interdisciplinary team of researchers working in musicology, musical acoustics and technology, composition and design research will identify requirements for successful new musical instruments, document and exhibit key concepts, and develop prototypes for new musical instruments, which will be concurrently tested in live artistic contexts and empirically evaluated using qualitative and quantitative research methods. Through this process, a series of innovative, intuitive, and versatile musical instruments will be developed and disseminated, as an inspiration for both composers, performers, and listeners of contemporary music.
    • Funding Agency: Einstein Stiftung Berlin
  • Psychological Bases of Audio Branding (from 2013, PI)Technische Universität Berlin
  • The Dynamics of Music Listening: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue Between Music Theory and Music Psychology (2009-2011, Postdoctoral Research Fellow), McGill University
    • Funding Agency: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada; PI:Stephen McAdams
  • Korrelate emotionaler Wirkung von Musik innerhalb der DFG-Forschungsgruppe 499: Akustische Kommunikation von Affekten bei nonhumanen Säugetieren und dem Menschen: Produktion, Wahrnehmung und neutrale Verarbeitung, Hanover University of Music, Drama, and Media (2006-2009, PhD-Student) 
    • Funding Agency: German Research Foundation; PIs: Eckart Altenmüller & Reinhard Kopiez


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